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249b580c 21.02.2018 16:59 admin

Fixed a minor bug.

087eceab 21.02.2018 16:58 admin

DbFile: Major speedup.

AqFS is only used internally, so we can lighten up a bit regarding
And since especially the functions AQFS_Table_GetMaxEntries() and
AQFS_Table_GetFreeEntries() are called rather often this change is quite
a speed boost.

56e78d06 21.02.2018 16:56 admin

DbFile: Optimized and improved rollback mechanism.

Query for changeLog entries is now only done once. Handled changeLog entries
are now removed from the database.

0296c3b3 20.02.2018 22:59 admin

Decreased verbosity. List number of cache entry evictions due to cache shortness.

7670c1df 18.02.2018 23:42 admin

Prepared release 1.0.2.

99f2f999 18.02.2018 23:42 admin

Backend "file": Fixed a bug in AQDB_DbFile_ReallyUndoSession()

Finally fixed a problem which bothered me for some time...

The list returned by AQDB_DbFile_GetSessionDescriptions() contains the
given session and all following. All these sessions need to be undone in...

ff8f382a 17.02.2018 01:36 admin

git-multimail test.

794947a0 17.02.2018 01:34 admin

git-multimail test.

2d62050d 23.12.2017 23:30 admin

Updated as-scrub-include.m4.

20b70f6c 29.04.2016 21:54 admin

Use GWEN_ENDIAN_* instead of leXXtoh and htoleXX to make it work with MinGW.

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